$60,000 with 6 month vesting



All development costs are calculated at $100/hour.

MONTH 1 - JUNE 2022

Phase 0 A [Private Development] Month1 Dev Assigned
Budget $10,000
Player Metrics/Database $1,000 Neocyber
Time system $500 Neocyber
Vehicle system $1,500 Neocyber
3D Environment $1,500
Junkyard system $750 Dogman
Shop system $750 Dogman
Social Corner system $250 Dogman
Crafting system $750 Neocyber
User Interface/Graphics $1,500
Servers/API $500 Neocyber
Inventory system $500 Neocyber
Total Spend $9,500

Vehicle System: Incorporating Avatar Swap to work universally across multiple instances to be able to visualize the vehicles and players being able to see each other's vehicles.

Player Metric/Database: Leveling system, experience system, attributes, player progress, leveling icons, etc.

Time: Fuel system for recharging, lap times, dance floor charging rate, etc.

Servers/API: This will be setting up the server, connecting APIs, and integrating automation. This will include making the server and API scalable.

3D Environment: Creating the actual models of the 3 main areas. Junkyard environment, shopping area, crafting station area, and Social corner area. These will be instanced areas so all areas will be 2x2 so a lot of models/assets need to be made.

Social Corner: We will host weekly parties for people to party and earn experience while doing so. This involves setting up the streaming service and connecting the timing system to sync with dance time.

Crafting System: Creating a crafting system that accommodates combining materials into parts, parts into tokens, and upgrading current wearables/vehicles.

MONTH 2 - JULY 2022

Phase 0 B [Private Development] Month2 Dev Assigned
Budget $10,500
Parking Garage system $2,000 Neocyber
Leaderboard system $500 Neocyber
3D Artwork - 3 skins (9 total models with variations) $2,000 Doki
Publishing Wearables $600~
3D Artwork - Parking Garage $750 Ronan
3D Artwork - 3 vehicles (9 total models with variations) $2,500 Nikki
3D Artwork - Material Assets $750 Nikki
Server Annual Rate $300
Total Spend $9,400

3D Artwork: Vehicles: Each vehicle has 3 variations of it. Level 1, level 2, and level 3. Each vehicle had 3 separate models = 9 total vehicles for $2500 which is $277.

3D Artwork: Skins: Each skin has 3 levels as well. So a total of 9 skins for $222 each.

3D Artwork Parking Garage: This will be both the external open world model and the instanced lap parking garage. The instanced version will be very complex with multiple animation elements.